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Buy jewelry (pierced earrings) in Sri Lanka ♡ Colombo "JEWEL ARENA" Abundance of single-grain stone earrings & recommended authentic

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NiyoDaily Sydney, Australia

Sri Lanka is famously known for Tea and Gems. So, if you visit Sri Lanka and want to buy a piece of jewelry to remember your trip, Jewel Arena should be your first stop. I make it a point to visit Jewel Arena whenever I visit Sri Lanka on vacation. The craftsmanship of their pieces is superior, the designs are exquisite, and the variety of pieces range from simple daily wear pieces to stylish statement pieces to elaborate masterpieces! The best part of all - the sales staff will help you find something that you love and works within your budget!


hanulsg Singapore

Latest Elegant, contemporary, classic pieces for all ages. Jewel arena also cater to our design. Will definitely come again and purchase.